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Cellulite Removal

Cellulite Removal

Banish the orange peel look

Cellulite can affect as many as 90% of the woman population at some point in their lifetime.

Procedure Time

30-45 Mins


No downtime

Duration of Results



From £300

Cellulite is caused by a variety of factors such as hormonal changes, diet, genetics or other lifestyle elements.
The cellulite treatment using the Aqualyx technology is a non-invasive body shaping procedure which helps in shrinking the fat cells in order to improve the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite can be targeted at any stage.


Prior to the treatment

Before the treatment, we recommend booking an appointment with one of our expert practitioners. We will then be able to assess your condition and provide the best option to treat cellulite.

During the Treatment

A handheld device is placed on the problematic areas and moved around. The device uses radiofrequency in order to deliver heat to the fat deposits beneath the skin which springs your body into action in order to create new collagen and elastin fibers. This, in consequence, leads to a decrease in cellulite by making the skin on top of the fat deposits lie flatter.

After the Treatment

At the end of the procedure, your skin may look slightly red and feel warm to the touch. This should not concern you as it will subside in the following hours.


This treatment provides excellent results in treating cellulite. Whilst you will be able to see an improvement in the condition of your skin from the first session, optimum results once are seen after 6 to 8 treatments.



  1. Most advanced technology
  2. Treatments safe for all skin types
  3. Certification for Aqualyx Treatments


This treatment is safe for all skin tones, however, we do not recommend this treatment for pregnant women or people with autoimmune disorders.


There is no pain associated with this procedure. All you’re going to feel is a relaxing warmth.


Each session usually lasts around half an hour. This will depend largely on the area you want to treat.


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