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Cheek Fillers

Cheek Fillers

Add volume to your cheeks

One of the most visible effects the ageing process has on the face results in hollowing of the cheeks.

Procedure Time

30-60 Mins


very litle downtime

Duration of Results

6-12 Months


From £445

This happens due to the fact that in time we begin losing subcutaneous fat. This type of fat is something that is present during youth but tends to decrease as we get older.

Fortunately, cheek fillers can restore lost volume in the cheeks by replacing the missing soft tissue. This, in turn, fills in fine lines and smooths the skin’s surface.

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Prior to the treatment

Following up to your appointment, one of our experts will assess you and choose the best filler for your condition. Before the treatment, please avoid using any blood thinners (alcohol, aspirin etc) for at least 2 days.

During the Treatment

Dermal fillers are perfect for fixing any concerns you have in terms of shape, symmetry and they can even help in minimising the early signs of sagging.
During the cheek enhancement treatment, a specially formulated filler is injected into the soft tissue in order to provide more volume and to give the face a lift in order to create a more youthful appearance.

After the Treatment

As there is no need for an invasive surgery, there is minimal downtime. However, after the treatment you might experience slight redness or swelling. These side effects are temporary and they will dissipate after a few days.


Our premium fillers will deliver a natural and long lasting enhancement. You can see the results straightaway and you can expect them to stay for 6 to 12 months.


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Cheek fillers usually last for about 6 to 12 months, although for certain individuals they can last up to 2 years. This depends on how much muscle movement occurs in the area. If you have a more expressive face, you are likely to need more top ups.

This treatment usually takes around 30 minutes, therefore you can have it during your lunch break.

With this treatment being so quick, you don?t need to take time off work. However, if your role at work involves putting pressure on your face, then you should take some time off.


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