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Crows Feet

Crows Feet

Eye Wrinkle Treatment

Crows feet are the popular name for facial wrinkles which develop near the outside corners of our eyes.

Procedure Time

30-60 Mins



Duration of Results

Up to 24 Months


From £445

Some people only experience this when squinting, however, for other people, these lines around the eyes are always present.

Anti-wrinkle procedures can be very efficient for this condition, eliminating the lines and giving our eyes a more youthful appearance. The substance used contains botulinum toxin, which helps to eliminate lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

Prior to the treatment

Before having this treatment, you can book an appointment with one of our experts in order to discuss your condition and see if you are suitable

During the Treatment

The treatment starts with the doctor applying a topical anaesthetic over the area to be treated. Afterwards, we will start injecting small amounts of fillers with hyaluronic acid into specific areas near your eye. The substance will fill in the lines in order to provide a more youthful look.

After the Treatment

Following this treatment, your skin around the eye area may look slightly red. As this is an injectable you may also experience slight bruising. However, these side effects will subside in the following days.


Results can last up to 24 months.



  1. High-Quality Fillers
  2. Experienced Aestheticians
  3. Safe Environment


As with all injectable treatments, we will apply a topical anaesthetic in order to minimise any possible discomfort.


A crows feet treatment should not last longer than 30 minutes.


As this is a non-surgical treatment, there is minimal downtime. You may experience some redness and bruising. These can easily be covered with make-up if they represent an inconvenience.


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