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Glycolic Peel

Freshen up dull skin

The Glycolic Peel is perfect for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, as well as an evening out skin tone and texture.

Procedure Time

30 Mins


No downtime

Duration of Results

2 Weeks


From £95

As it removes the outer layer of the skin, also known as the epidermal layer, the Glycolic peel allows for the removal of the dead cells, leaving behind a smoother skin surface with clear pores. It also helps in stimulating collagen formation, which plumps up the skin from beneath. Therefore, wrinkles and superficial scars are smoothed out.

The treatment involves applying a chemical solution to the skin’s surface in order to carefully remove its outer layers. The chemical in this peel is a substance called glycolic acid or alpha hydroxyl and it works by gently removing the top layer of the skin. The Glycolic peel is derived from natural sugar cane and it can come in various strengths, depending on your condition.

For more information about the peel or to book an appointment with our dermatology expert, contact us today.

Prior to the treatment

Prior to your treatment, you will have a consultation at our clinic in order to assess your suitability for this peel. You will also have the opportunity to talk about your skin concerns with one of our experts.

During the Treatment

Before applying the prepping solution, your face will be properly cleaned. After this, the peel will be applied to your skin using a brush and left to dry. A layer of gauze is placed on top of the peel in order to activate it. After the peel is removed, we will apply a moisturiser and SPF.

After the Treatment

After the treatment you should be able to see a difference in your skin. Your complexion should be clearer and smoother and more glowing. You might also experience some redness, however, this should disappear in due course.


For best results, we recommend a course of 6 treatment, each spaced one week apart.


  1. Peels suitable for a variety of conditions
  2. Aestheticians with a vast amount of experience
  3. Safe Environment


The Glycolic Peel can improve your skin’s appearance by revealing new smooth and glowing skin.
After the treatment, we recommend moisturising and hydrating your skin and applying a sunscreen with spf30 or more. We also suggest that you stay away from steam rooms or difficult workouts which can make you sweat abundantly. As your skin might feel a bit sensitive, we also don’t recommend over-exfoliating.
Although this is a superficial peel, we do not recommend wearing makeup straight after as this might delay skin healing and could lead to infections.


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