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Herbal Green Peels

Herbal Green Peels

Herbal Deep Peel

The Herbal Green Peels are a biologically based method of skin regeneration which helps in obtaining a smoother, fresher and clearer complexion using a special blend of pure natural plant and herb ingredients.

Procedure Time

1 hour


3-5 Days

Duration of Results

3-5 Weeks


From £230

This peel is perfect for cases of skin pigmentation. It has a worldwide success, helping thousands of people get beautiful and healthy skin in a natural way, without chemical additives or acids. Provide your skin with a natural glow.

Prior to the treatment

During your initial consultation, you will meet one of our highly trained practitioners which will discuss with you about your aims and will also analyse your skin.

During the Treatment

The mixture is applied to your skin and slowly massaged into your complexion. The microparticles present in the mixture helps in polishing the upper layer of your skin. The active ingredients then increase blood circulation which leads to the removal of dead skin cell for a clearer and less congested appearance.

After the Treatment

After the treatment, your skin might look slightly red, similar to a sunburn. After three days you will also experience some skin peeling. You will then return to our clinic so we can remove the rest of the dead skin cells. This session will end with a massage using active ingredients.


Since it was first developed by Dr Schrammek over 50 years ago, this natural peel has brought amazing results. Due to the fact that it’s natural, this peel is safe and has no side effects.


  1. Experienced aestheticians
  2. Fantastic results
  3. Suitable for all skin types


A Herbal Green Peel is suitable for most people. As the herbs used in it have no toxic side effects, this treatment is very safe.


The Herbal Green Peel can tackle a variety of skin concerns such as signs of loss of elasticity, wrinkles and acne.
The peel increases the skin’s blood circulation and causes the upper layers to peel off. The stimulated blood circulation thus intensifies the metabolism and makes the skin regenerate by producing new cells.


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