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Pigmentation Treatment

Pigmentation Treatment

Achieve a clearer complexion

Skin pigmentation refers to those darker patches present on your skin.

Procedure Time

45 Mins


3-5 Days

Duration of Results

4-8 Weeks



Certain skin cells called melanocytes generate a colour by using melanin, which is what gives skin its colour. If these particular cells become damaged, this can affect the production of melanin, and thus generate pigmentation on the skin.


Prior to the treatment

Before the treatment, we will book you in for an appointment at our clinic in order to analyse your skin. We can also discuss your desired outcome at the end of the treatment and we will create a tailored plan to your needs.

During the Treatment

We will start the procedure by cleansing your skin in order to make sure that there are no residual impurities or makeup. This is done in order to make sure that the treatment will be efficient. At MJ Medi Spa we acknowledge the fact that each individual has different needs, therefore our pigmentation treatment is tailored to your particular needs.

After the Treatment

After the treatment, your skin will look more radiant and clearer. Depending on your procedure, your skin may start looking slightly red and feel warm to the touch. However, these side-effects will disappear by themselves in a few hours.


You will see a difference in the appearance of your skin right after the procedure. For optimum results, we recommend avoiding excessive sun and applying an SPF whilst outside.



  1. Non-Surgical Treatments
  2. Treatments suitable for all skins
  3. No downtime


Our treatments are virtually pain-free. According to your skin’s sensitivity, we can apply a topical cream to your skin before the treatment, in order to make sure that you are comfortable.


We recommend avoiding excessive sun a few hours after the treatment. Moreover, you should apply an SPF cream whenever you are in the sun in order to make sure that the results last for as long as possible.


The number of treatments you need depends entirely on the severity of the condition and its location. For some people, only one treatment is necessary, whilst for other individuals several treatments re required in order to achieve optimum results.


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